Best Schools in Dubai

24th Jan 2023

Best Schools in Dubai

There are probably a lot of questions on your mind if you're thinking about moving to Dubai with your family. What

is the finest school in Dubai and where can you discover the best schools in Dubai are at the top of the list, especially

if you have small children. The following are thought to be among the best of the many top-notch educational

institutions in and around the city. They offer a curriculum that is internationally recognized and approved, having

received the Knowledge & Human Development Authority's (KHDA) top grade of "Outstanding," and are conveniently

located near some of Dubai's most affluent areas.

Best Schools in Dubai (2023 Updates) 

1. King’s School

2. Dubai International Academy

3. Gems Wellington International School 

4. Repton School

5. Swiss International Scientific School

6. Jumeirah English Speaking School 

7. Nord Anglia International School

8. GEMS Dubai American Academy