Stories Behind Each Disney Princess Costume – Read to be amazed

by Flexsin Technologies on May 25, 2021

The outfits that Disney Princess wear are as iconic as the characters being played. In this blog, we have rounded up some interesting facts you might not know about their iconic outfits –


Most Disney Princess’ costumes feature the ‘blue’ color, which might be a very sign of empowerment –  If you have noticed, characters such as Cinderella, Snow White, Merida, Belle, Jasmine, and Elsa – they all wear blue outfits, and it is perhaps not a coincidence that most of them share this signature color. Blue has always been a common color for certain reasons. It is considered dependable and relaxing, just like the sky; however, it also signifies power. When the characters wear blue, it adds a bit of power to them and it is also a delicately way of saying ‘yes, however young girls, young women, can also be empowered.’ 


In the movie ‘Beauty and Beast,’ Belle wears a blue dress, which symbolizes her status of being an ‘outsider’ –


In the movie ‘Beauty and Beast,’ Belle has been presented to us as an outsider, only because she is independent and she loves books. Most of the other people in the town wear drab in neutral colors, however, Belle is costumed in a bright blue dress that clearly sets her apart from the rest.


Sometimes, the producer of the movie pushes other colors in anticipation to sell more toys – 

In the movie ‘Aladdin,’ you have seen Princess Jasmine wear different colors throughout the movie apart from her light-blue harem pants and matching crop top. Did you know that marketing experts of the movie wanted the costume to be pink, for they thought it would push the sale of toys? The end result, anyway, turned out to be great, because Jasmine’s light-blue Harem pants and matching crop top got immensely popular worldwide, and lots and lots of teenage girls choosing Jasmine’s blue Disney Princess Halloween costume speaks for the dress’ success in itself.


Cinderella’s outfit transformation was actually one of Walt Disney’s most favorite pieces of animation –


Walt Disney has been involved in numerous iconic animation moments during his time, however, it is said that his most favorite moment was when Cinderella’s tattered dress transforms into an exotic blue ball gown. It was also a symbolism of her transforming into a powerful, fearless personality, who knows how to live for herself. 


A whole lot of research went into brainstorming Moana’s dress – the makers wanted to make it look authentic and relatable –


Moana is a Polynesian village girl, so her outfit designers made sure her dress looks authentic and it carries relevance to the culture. Outfits designers had to walk the distance, researching with Pacific Islands as far as it was possible to understand their culture, lifestyle, and bent of mind. Since the character of Moana was supposed to take place 2,000 years ago, makers put a combination of minds into coming up with today’s massively popular Moana costume.

Now that you have an idea as to how each today’s popular Disney costume got introduced to the world, which costume would you prefer for your little princess at the time of Halloween? 


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