Here are some great ideas to spend quality time with your child.

6th Jan 2023

Here are some great ideas to spend quality time with your child.

We often forget to spend the weekend with our children because we are too busy buying household products, going to the doctor, completing homework, studying classes with them, and doing everything quickly without feeling or enjoying it. Today, we'll give you some weekend activities you can do with your kids to have fun with them, break up the routine, and not feel rushed or bad about it.

Cooking together is a great concept:

Offer your child or children to cook a meal with you today, either lunch or dinner. They will experience joy and change, and they will adore the concept, as will you. And try to have fun with them and enjoy your time in the kitchen by asking your child to be the chef for the day, and you are simply an assistant for him to accomplish what he wants of you.

Participating in sports together:

Sports are one of the best daily practices that can be utilized to enhance health and mood, since exercise of any kind, whether light or intensive, has a good impact on mood adjustment by stimulating chemicals in the brain that create a sense of enjoyment and relaxation.

Examples of home games and ways to spend time with your children: 

  • Card games
  • Pencil-and-paper games
  • give your child some guidance, talk to them and listen to them
  • Spend time making things together, like drawing a picture or making a collage from photos cut out of a magazine.
  • Give your child the chance to practise skills and get better at things like climbing and catching a ball.
  • On a dark, clear night, go outside and look at the stars.