Why is Halloween Important for Kids? How to Decide On The Right Halloween Costume For Kids!

Why is Halloween Important for Kids? How to Decide On The Right Halloween Costume For Kids!

22nd Oct 2021

We all have started feeling it in the air. It’s almost Halloween – time for costumes, spooky movies, ghosts, candy corns, and more importantly for the children out there, it’s time for trick-or-tricking. It is easy, sometimes, for the grown-ups to forget only how substantial that one day is for our children, at least till they put on their costumes and loosen up in excitement. As soon as they are giggling, running, and hoarding their candies, it is quite clear how big a deal Halloween is for kids.

Your children perhaps cannot tell you how and why this holiday matter so much. If you try asking them why they are excited, they might not answer you the way you would expect, unless they are a little older. For kids, it’s basically the candy and the costume, such as lady bug dress that keeps them excited throughout the day.

However, it matters in children’s lives, and here’s why: Your children are, many different ways, in a poor position. They do not own anything. They undoubtedly have toys and clothes but have little or no control over their lives. Even though they are given an allowance, children aged between 4-9 years do not have the personal experience or mental capacity to understand the importance of saving or planning for the future. They are weak in other ways, as well. If you’ve a bad day and you don’t want to enter the kitchen; you immediately decide to go to the Italian Restaurant you liked once and have your dinner; while the children are supposed to eat what they are offered. For most children, the maximum control they have over their foods is determining how much ketchup to put on the plate.

If you ever get a chance, watch children under the age of seven while they are at school. The most common game they play is tearing a paper and writing ‘happy birthday’ on each slip and hand those out to the birthday party. What you are to note here is that regardless of how long it is until their birthday; kids are poor with calendars. Have you ever wondered why they care so much about having a birthday party? It is because it comes once a year when they get to have a little control over their enjoyment. They get to choose whom to invite and how to spend the day.

Halloween has a major impact on the lives of children. It is celebrated once a year and this is when kids have a massive payday. They keep you busy looking for the best Halloween costumes for them – amongst the most popular, such as lady bug dress, Marvel’s Captain America costume, or Disney’s Cinderella’s shiny blue magical gown – they get to choose what they want to wear.

Just imagine your daughter, twirling and playing in that tiny lady bug dress. You will not only feel happy but also proud. When kids are dressed up differently than on other regular days, they feel the specialty and importance of the day. They feel happy, joyful, and confident about having control over their lives for one day.

Besides, giving their children one day of control and independence, parents also face overwhelming challenges when deciding on Halloween costume ideas for their kids.

Today, parents find it more challenging deciding between a lady bug costume and a Wonder Woman costume, because your little girl at home would love to play both roles. However, parents can choose only one or two, maximum, for the children’s Halloween party later on. Besides, parents have to make sure the material of the costume is good and it fits well, so their kids do not feel too tight or too loose to go for trick-or-treating.

The modern market brings to you a larger selection of choices. While making sure that you have maintained the trend with your lady bug costume choice (for example), you will also need to ensure that the costume has got your kid’s attention. Trend and choice, both must go hand-in-hand.

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